3G Communication Module

Product Code: TS1053

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The 3G Communication Module is an expansion module which allows Challenger panels to communicate over 3G wireless networks.

The 3G Communication Module connects directly to Challenger control panels and fits natively to the powerful Challenger communication path framework. This allows the 3G Communication Module to be used for multiple connection types (e.g. alarm monitoring and management software) and act as the primary or redundant connection.

Setup of the 3G Communication Module is simple. All required settings can be configured either through the Challenger keypad or management software. No additional cases or power supplies are required because the unit is mounted directly on the Challenger panel.

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  • Report alarms
  • Connect to supported management software packages
  • Upload and download panel configuration.
  • Physically connects directly on to Challenger control panel.
  • No additional housing or power supply required.
  • Act as primary or backup connection.
  • High speed communication. Speed is only limited by bandwidth of 3G connection.
  • Always on, constantly polled connection. All communication is sent and received instantly.
  • AES128/256 encryption.
  • Remote firmware upgrade.

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