IP Receiver

Product Code: AR980500

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The Tecom IP Receiver is a native Ethernet protocol alarm receiver designed for Challenger panels to provide alarm reporting over IP infrastructure to a central monitoring station. IP reporting eliminates the PSTN phone charges incurred from regular dial-up reporting to central monitoring stations. The IP Receiver also provides enhanced security over dialler due to the constantly polled and encrypted panel communications.

The IP Receiver hardware is typically installed on a corporation's premises and provides a single serial or IP connection to an alarm monitoring company or in-house monitoring software. The monitoring software can be any package which supports the commonly used CID/Ademco 685 protocol.

  • Conveys Challenger alarm events transmitted over Ethernet or RS-232 to an alarm monitoring station in Contact ID (Ademco 685) format
  • Supports up to 500 Challenger V8 and Challenger10 panels
  • Receiver redundancy (automatically send alarms to backup units if connection to an IP Receiver fails)
  • Pre-loaded server reduces installation time and training requirements
  • Simple to install client allows operators to remotely change settings on IP Receivers
  • Automated backup of configuration and panel list to remote network storage. Backups can be used to allow rapid re-deployment when replacing an existing IP Receiver