• Challenger series 8-input expander

Challenger series 8-input expander

Product Code: TS1021

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The 8-input expansion module adds eight inputs to the Tecom range of Data Gathering Panels (DGPs). This provides an inexpensive way to increase the capacity for detection sensors and other inputs on the system.

Up to three 8-input expander boards can be added to a standard DGP (product codes TS0820, TS0824 and TS1020, all of which have 8 inputs as a standard) which increases the total capacity to 32 inputs.

Using more than one 8-input expansion module on a Challenger v8 system to expand a DGP beyond 16 inputs (via TS0820 DGP or TS1020 DGP) will reduce the total number of DGPs available on the Challenger v8 system. This reduction in capacity will not occur when using a Challenger10 panel.

  • A wide range of end-of-line (EOL) resistor values - only supported on a Challenger10 system when connected to a TS1020 DGP
  • Eight-input expander can increase number of input devices to 32 on a single DGP

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