What is TecomC4

TecomC4 is an open platform management solution that gives you the flexibility to manage your entire operation from a single interface.

TecomC4 Training

Security installers and integrators will need to be trained on TecomC4 to purchase the software. This can be done via the online training method or in a classroom environment with Hills. Visit the Hills website to view the training schedule or click below for online training.

How to purchase a license

Once you have been trained, you can request your TecomC4 license(s) online at the below link. Please note that a Purchase Order will be required to complete this form. For Tecom4 license pricing please refer to your Hills price list. Once complete, the form will be sent to Hills for processing. Licenses will typically take 24-48 hours.

How to download TecomC4

TecomC4 is available to trained installers only. Once you have been trained, you will be granted access to the portal where you will be able to download the software and any future updates.

Interlogix will keep you up to date with any feature updates or TecomC4 news or speak to your local Hills branch at any time for more information.


An open platform is a smart way to drive simplicity, giving you the flexibility to manage your entire operation from a single interface. Manage and control your site, whether on-site or remotely, all of your security needs ranging from intrusion detection to access control and video surveillance with TecomC4 management software. Know exactly who is in the building at any given time with integrated video surveillance and monitor your premises in real-time to deliver a safe, secure environment for staff and visitors.
Scalable to multiple sites, multiple systems, multiple users Real-time client synchronisation and automatic saving of changes Complete access in multi-site environments where people need access to one or more sites.


  • Visitor management
  • An intuitive graphical user interface, able to provide dynamic floor plans.
  • Only one interface for multiple tasks:
    Access Control, Digital Video and Intrusion Detection. One uniform way to provide user access rights, regardless of the type of security system. The ability to register and track visitors in the building or premises contributes to the safety and the security of personnel and building property.
  • Ability to create and customise reports on the fly, thanks to advanced reporting capabilities
  • Real time client synchronisation and automatic saving of changes
  • Automatic control of devices based on events
  • Scalable to multiple sites and multiple users
  • Efficient alarm handling
  • Challenger10 - panel license
  • ChallengerPlus - panel license
  • ChallengerLEPlus - panel license
  • Challenger V8 - panel license
  • Tecom Network Access Controller - panel license
  • TruPortal - panel license
  • DSC PowerSeries Neo - panel license
  • TruVision - recorder license
  • PACOM/IDIS - recorder license
  • Dahua - recorder license
  • HIK Vision - recorder license
  • Dallmeier - recorder license
  • Geutebruck - recorder license
  • Avigilon VMS - camera license
  • Avigilon ACC7 WebAPI VMS - camera license
  • Milestone VMS - camera license
  • Genetec VMS - camera license
  • Aperio - hub license
  • Salto server license
  • KONE lifts server license
  • Schindler lift - Bus Controller license
  • SNMP Server license