8-Area Arming Station

Product Code: TS0801

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The TS0801 Arming station is one of the most widely recognised keypads in Australia and New Zealand. It is easy to install and has been the face of the Challenger system for nearly 20 years.

The CA111x series keypad replaces the TS0801 but is still fully supported and available for purchase. It is typically used as a replacement unit for Challenger sites that require matching look/style keypads.

The TS0801 Remote Arming Station has a clearly readable English text LCD for displaying system programming, alarm and access control functions. It can be mounted at a distance of 1.5km from the Challenger Panel or Access Controllers. The face of the Arming Station displays 8 programmable area status indicator LED?s, while the LCD details alarms or preprogramed scrolling text.

  • Suits existing Challenger sites requiring matching keypad replacement
  • Easy to read LCD
  • Can display custom message when idle such as company name or emergency phone number