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Did You Know...OnGuard® end users now have an easier way to change their PIN?

With the latest release of OnGuard version 7.5, cardholders or employees now have a simple, self-service option to change the PIN code of their OnGuard system badges, using the OnGuard Cardholder Self Service (CSS) web module. This feature is accessible via a browser, on a PC or a mobile device.

OnGuard CSS, an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface for cardholders, is one of our recently launched web modules offering the advantages of a browser-based application. After its initial introduction to the market, OnGuard CSS was further enhanced with exciting new features in our December 2018 OnGuard version 7.5 release. The OnGuard Cardholder Self Service web module is available as an option that can be purchased with a new OnGuard system installation, or at any time after the initial installation.

Additional value-added features available to employees when using the OnGuard Cardholder Self Service (CSS) web module include:

  • Provides cardholders with on-demand insight into the status of their access requests, saving time and steps for managers and employees alike
  • Enables cardholders the ability to request a resend of their mobile credentials, particularly helpful in the event of a lost or replaced mobile phone
  • Allows employee hosts to pre-register a visitor, enabling a more personal yet efficient check-in process

It is important to note that OnGuard CSS is licensed separately, through a subscription or a non-expiring license, based on system size. To process the access request workflow, OnGuard Access Manager client licenses are also required. A valid Lenel® Software Upgrade and Support Plan (SUSP) is required for the OnGuard system in order to obtain an OnGuard CSS non-expiring license.

To place an order for the OnGuard Customer Self Service web module, please contact your LenelS2 Inside Sales Representative, Regional Sales Manager, Account Representative, or visit www.LenelS2.com to learn more.