• Hardening Guide

Hardening Guide

We are thrilled to be able to share the news that our LenelS2 OnGuard Hardening Guide, available now on Partner Center, brings important advice and guidance to our customers and partners regarding methods and processes to enhance the cybersecurity of an OnGuard version 7.5 installation.

Click here to download the OnGuard Hardening Guide

This guide provides invaluable insights from our dedicated experts here at LenelS2, with the goal of providing you with leading edge guidance on reducing the attack surface of OnGuard deployments in a highly secure environment. Joining the Hardening Guide for OnGuard version 7.4 published in 2018, the new Hardening Guide for OnGuard Version 7.5 has been created with our customers and partners in mind, and is primarily targeted to OnGuard system administrators as well as IT and security administrators, who are responsible for the technical aspects of securing OnGuard servers. It is ideally used as a companion document to the OnGuard Installation Guide (DOC-110).

The Hardening Guide for OnGuard version 7.5 promotes security and sustaining solutions for OnGuard customers, by highlighting applications, features, practices and recommendations in the optimization of OnGuard security defenses.

Specific topics covered in the guide include:
  • Hardening Fundamentals, including Protocols and Digital Certificates
  • "Do's and Don'ts" To Keep in Mind When Hardening your OnGuard System
  • OnGuard Application Server Hardening, including Databases, and Accounts & Passwords
  • Device Communication Hardening, including Installation and Encrypted & Authenticated Communication
  • OnGuard Client Hardening, including Browser Client recommendations
  • Appendices with valuable insights, including System Diagrams and Ports & Endpoints
We are excited to bring this important guidance to our customers and partners.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Sales Representative.