• Mercury Firmware 1.04

Mercury Firmware 1.04

We are excited to announce the release of OnGuard® Mercury® firmware, FW Add-On 1.04; currently available for download from the Partner Center.

This new release improves the ability to restore saved cards in the LNL-4420 controller. FW Add-On 1.04 includes updated firmware for all controllers -- version 1.27.3 should be used for all Lenel X Series controllers and version 1.27.2 should be used for all other Lenel controllers. SIO firmware files are also included, but please note that these files have not been updated since the previous FW Add-On package was announced on 5/2/19 (designated 2019.01).

We are also happy to share that, with this release, and with all Mercury firmware releases going forward, we are using a method of delivery that decouples software from firmware releases in order to provide more flexibility in providing releases to the market as soon as possible. To access this new firmware release, visit the Lenel Hardware Downloads section of Partner Center.

For additional details regarding this release, please refer to the Product Memo posted on Partner Center Dashboard, under Communications/2019/May, titled New OnGuard Mercury Firmware Release, FW Add-On 1.04, Now Available.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Sales Representative.