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OnGuard Modules

Did You Know...OnGuard® modules, clients and apps extend the value of your OnGuard system?

OnGuard's mobile-friendly modules, clients and apps not only leverage your investment - they extend OnGuard's value throughout your organization - by making the system's capabilities more accessible to critical end users.

Consider complementing, expanding or extending your current OnGuard access control system, by adopting any combination of our broad array of OnGuard clients, modules, and mobile applications - offering enhanced control, awareness and insight at your fingertips.

OnGuard browser-based clients, modules and mobile applications now available include:

Our latest OnGuard browser-based clients, freshly updated or just released with OnGuard version 7.5, including:
  • OnGuard Monitor provides unified alarm, device, and video monitoring in one simplified user interface
  • OnGuard Visitor, offering full-service, personalized visitor management
  • OnGuard Surveillance, a lightweight video-viewing application with customizable layouts with up to 16 camera views
  • OnGuard Access Manager, a simplified and customizable access rights management tool for the OnGuard system
  • OnGuard Credentials, the ideal tool to manage cardholder, badge and access level management with one easy-to-use, convenient application
Our ever-expanding and exclusive OnGuard mobile applications, including:
  • OnGuard Visitor Self Service, an iPad kiosk application for visitor management that lightens the load for your front desk attendant while automating many steps required to manage visitor access
  • BlueDiamond™ app provides access to a mobile credential ecosystem, enabling mobile credentials on a smartphone as an economical, timesaving alternative to plastic badges
Our extensive collection of browser-based web modules, including:

  • OnGuard Cardholder Self Service includes a comprehensive interface that empowers cardholders to self-manage access requires, including scheduling visits and updating the PIN codes of their OnGuard system badges
  • OnGuard WATCH (Web Access Trending and Comprehensive Health), a web-based analysis tool that collects system data and displays it on customizable, user-friendly dashboards
  • OnGuard Policies, a web-based analysis tool that ensures the OnGuard system is correctly configured to enforce corporate security policies. When in place, OnGuard Policies monitors the OnGuard system and automatically checks compliance for all employees, correcting access rights as needed
For additional detail on any of the options above, please download:

OnGuard Modules, Clients and Apps Brochure
OnGuard Visitor Management Brochure
OnGuard Surveillance Data Sheet