• Security Commander 2.2 now available

Security Commander 2.2 now available

Security Commander 2.2 offers the following improvements:

  • Support for new features in Challenger10 V10-06 firmware.
  • Support for the new ChallengerLE panel
  • Improved user interface
  • All forms are now part of a tabbed layout
  • Forms can be configured into custom layouts
  • Layouts can be for single or multiple monitors
  • Layouts are remembered when the operator logs out and then recalled when the operator logs back into the software
  • Updated Person and Badge forms
  • System will now auto-generate and assign badges to newly created person records
  • Operators can now view badges that have been assigned to a person record from the person form
  • Added ability to show PIN on both Person and Badge forms
  • Added auto-incrementing field for person number in Person form
  • Door group creation has been improved with the ability to assign multiple doors to a door group with a single operation
  • Photo ID module is now included in main installation which means users no longer have to separately install the photo ID package on each machine
  • Added option to filter User in Door/Floor/Alarm Group reports by facility
  • Added option to filter Door and Floor Access reports by facility
  • Badge records can now be saved with an issue date that is in the past. This allows the expiry date to by dynamically updated without affecting the issue date.

Download the Market Release Notice here