• Reminder: Legacy Casi Rusco End of Life

Reminder: Legacy Casi Rusco End of Life

Reminder: Legacy Casi Rusco End of Life - Critical Dates & Recommended Actions

This is a reminder to all legacy CASI/GE customers who may still be running Picture Perfect, Facility Commander™ Wnx, Diamond I or II, or SapphirePro, of important upcoming dates and recommended actions, highlighted below.

Critical Dates To Know:

A 'last opportunity to purchase' date is approaching for Micro and ACU Hardware, set to take effect 31 December 2019 or while supplies last.
The end of support date for Picture Perfect and Facility Commander Wnx systems is fast approaching, on 31 December 2020.
Please note that Diamond and SapphirePro support has already ended.
End of Sale for expansion client/reader licenses for Diamond I or II, SapphirePro systems takes effect on 31 December 2019.

Important Recommended Actions:

If you have not already started, NOW is the time to begin your migration to the OnGuard® security management system. The following actions should not be delayed.

1. Purchase an SSA now, if you don't already have one in place, to enable your upgrade.

With a Picture Perfect or Facility Commander Wnx SSA (Software Support Agreement), your OnGuard software is free of charge for equal reader and client licenses. After 31 December 2020, this benefit will no longer be available. Customers will need to purchase OnGuard software licenses outright, at standard prices, after 31 December 2020.

All SSAs purchased during the 2020 calendar year will be prorated to end on 31 December 2020.

2. Order needed spare micro or ACU boards NOW before they go EOL.

Board components used on the CASI Micros and Infographics ACUs are becoming difficult to find. We will do everything possible to have availability through 31 December 2019, but availability is not guaranteed. If you need spare boards or a few micros or ACUs for site expansion, make sure your customers order them as soon as possible.

To migrate to the OnGuard platform, Picture Perfect and FCWnx customers will be required to purchase Lenel® M Series boards to replace all boards in current Micros. Please know that this will allow your customers to keep all readers and field wiring.

Diamond and SapphirePro customers will be required to purchase Lenel ACU Series boards to replace the ACU controllers. This option will allow your customers to keep all existing RRE/RIM/RRM boards and field wiring.

3. Take advantage of Database Conversion Services from the LenelS2 Advanced Services Professional Engineering Services (PES) Team, to ease the transition.

Let us help you! The PES team, a part of LenelS2 Advanced Services group, offers many services that can ease your upgrade to the OnGuard system. One such service, Database Conversion Services, will convert your databases from FCWnx (versions 3.1 and higher), Secure Perfect, Picture Perfect, Diamond I and II, or SapphirePro, to the OnGuard platform, one more way we can help guide your team toward a seamless upgrade.

For additional details, please reference the VAR Product Memo by the same name, located on Partner Center, under Dashboard / Communications / 2019 / July. 

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