• BlueDiamond version 2.1 mobile application for Android

BlueDiamond version 2.1 mobile application for Android

The BlueDiamond™ version 2.1 mobile application for Android is now available for immediate download from the Google Play Store. Version 2.1, as noted in our recent announcement of version 2.1 for iOS, includes these exciting new features:

  • Pathways™ -  enables users, within the app, to create a route or pathway through commonly entered doors, for hands free access to that Pathway. When hands are full with keys, coffee, bag and more, entering doors without interacting with your phone or the app is a great, hassle-free way to start the day!
  • Phone as a Badge (PhaaB)  - allows a user the option of holding their phone up to a reader, or keeping their phone in their pocket or a bag, to send their mobile credential.
  • Widgets - enables a user to simply "Swipe Right" on their home or locked screen to access their BlueDiamond mobile application, to quickly open a nearby door or launch a Pathway manually.
  • Turnstile support - allows the credential to be sent more quickly when entering a turnstile, for efficiency and ease of use. A user simply shakes the phone directly above the turnstile reader, immediately sending the mobile credential, and enabling the speedy access required in the queuing environment typical of turnstiles.

With this announcement, both iOS and Android operating systems are now fully supported by the latest version of the BlueDiamond mobile application. 

For additional detail regarding the BlueDiamond v2.1 for Android release, please reference the Product Memo by the same name on the Partner Center, at partner.lenel.com, in  Dashboard / Communications / 2019 / July.