• Challenger series firmware

Challenger series firmware

The latest firmware is suitable for Challenger10 and ChallengerSE series control panels. This firmware release resolves a number of issues, including:
  • Users not uploading to software correctly when IUM is fitted
  • CPU restart messages appear in certain conditions
  • Start / End dates for users not being stored in panel in certain conditions 
  • After defaulting the panel, history log would show alarms on Input 0 
  • Fixes for 3G Communication Module authentication options 
  • Opens / Closes not triggering dialler in certain conditions 
  • Dialler not being triggered if events occur within wait time between connections 
  • Deleting all timezones not being passed on to intelligent controllers 
  • Timezones 42-63 not being sent to 4DC
Click here to download the MRN