• BlueDiamond Mobile App v2.1.5

BlueDiamond Mobile App v2.1.5

LenelS2 is pleased to announce that a new updated version of the BlueDiamond™ mobile application v2.1.5 is now available for immediate download from the Apple® App Store® and Google Play™ store.

This latest version of our innovative BlueDiamond mobile application, part of the BlueDiamond Mobile Credentialing ecosystem, offers a number of new and enhanced features, including new support for Voice Command shortcuts, incorporating the use of Siri® Shortcuts on iOS™ 12 and greater, as well as expanded capabilities in our recently launched “Shake to Open” feature, extending its use to all doors with LenelS2 Multi-Technology Readers, or with other readers that offer support for mobile credentials.

Voice Command Shortcuts

With v2.1.5 of the BlueDiamond app, users can enable a Siri Shortcut for a specific reader, including readers defined on a user “Pathway” within the app, enabling users with an efficient voice command prompt to quickly open specific doors. BlueDiamond users simply say, “Hey Siri, Open Engineering Door” or “Hey Siri, Start Morning Pathway,” to authenticate the user and send the credential to the door or start the pathway. While voice commands on Android are supported to access the application, we also plan to support Android™ OS voice command shortcuts to access specific readers in a future release, when they are available on the operating system.

Expanded “Shake To Open” Feature

“Shake to Open,” introduced in BlueDiamond v2.1, was targeted for use with identified Turnstile readers. In version 2.1.5, the “Shake to Open” gesture has been expanded for use with all doors, not just Turnstiles. By simply holding their phone in close proximity to a BlueDiamond reader and giving their phone a gentle shake, BlueDiamond is able to send the mobile credential to the reader and open the door with no user interaction with the app required.

Additional updates available in BlueDiamond app v2.1.5 include:

A user interface update to simplify the organization of ‘favorites’ selected by users with the creation of a new “Favorites Menu.”
New detection of phone ‘immobility’ helps to ensure that when a phone is resting on a desk or in a pocket or bag, credentials will not be sent to a reader.

Download the updated app today:


Should you have any questions, please contact your local Interlogix Australia Representative.