• OnGuard 7.4 update 3

OnGuard 7.4 update 3

LenelS2® is pleased to announce the release of OnGuard® version 7.4, Update 3 (version 7.4.457.468).

This latest release contains updates to our OpenAccess API as well as updates that address customer reported issues.

Included OpenAccess API updates improve the method used to send alarms into the OnGuard system from external systems. Customers or Partners can review the release notes or the latest version of the OpenAccess User Guide for more information on this improved method.

In addition, OnGuard version 7.4 Update 3 includes updates and fixes made since version 7.4 was released to market in December 2017. Key fixes include updates in support of:

  • OSDP™ -based Readers
  • ATS Advanced Intrusion Integration
  • Archiving
  • Reports
Please review the Resolved Issues document for a categorised list of fixes provided in this release. Customers should also be aware that firmware updates in support of our LNL Controllers and Interface Panels are included in this release.

The specific list of updated device firmware is included in Section 2.2 of the Release Notes. Downloads of 7.4 Update 3 are available from Partner Center, in the Downloads Section for OnGuard version 7.4.

Click here to visit the Partner Center or speak to your local Interlogix Australia representative for more information.