• BlueDiamond firmware update

BlueDiamond firmware update

Spread the word - The latest Lenel BlueDiamond firmware updates bring the speed you need!

We are pleased to be able to share the news that Lenel® BlueDiamond™ is now opening new doors faster than ever before! With Lenel's latest BlueDiamond Bluetooth broker firmware version 2.5, passing a mobile credential to a reader is now up to 50% faster, shaving seconds off the transmission time and making it even easier for customers to access doors and entryways with BlueDiamond mobile credentials.

This new firmware is applied to the BlueDiamond reader via the BlueDiamond Toolkit with the BDM-DONGLE, and can be loaded into your owner account by contacting the Interlogix Support team.

In addition to new firmware for Bluetooth brokers, Lenel's BlueDiamond readers are now also shipping with new firmware, version DEV30, which includes a Lenel Default DESFire key loaded on the readers.

The following details clarify capabilities of the new firmware and options for configuration:

  • BlueDiamond reader firmware version DEV30 enables the Default Lenel Key, replacing the reader's ability to read a high frequency (13.56MHz) Card Serial Number
  • Reading of Card Serial Numbers can be re-enabled on all BlueDiamond readers running broker firmware version DEV30 or higher, with the use of a special Lenel configuration card flashed at the readers (BDC-CSN)
  • For BlueDiamond readers that are running older firmware versions (DEV17), a unique Lenel configuration card is also available to enable the Default Lenel DESFire key. Contact the Interlogix Support team for more information
We are excited to bring these BlueDiamond enhancements to our customers and partners, and want you to know that our team's ongoing investment in the quality and capabilities of our BlueDiamond ecosystem is a reflection of our deep commitment to our customers.

We highly value that commitment, and honor it with our best efforts to provide products and services of the highest quality, with the ultimate goal of driving customer delight with each and every touch point with Lenel.

For the speed you need, choose BlueDiamond™, from Lenel.