• Unmatched experience in mobile applications.

Unmatched experience in mobile applications.

BlueDiamond Mobile leverages United Technologies Corporations 17 years of experience developing mobile credentialing technology. With over 1,000,000 locking devices deployed across multiple industries - including Energy, Financial, Hospitality and Real Estate.

Benefits across the board.

BlueDiamond Mobile readers support mobile and wearable devices - including iOS devices, Apple Watch® and Andriod™ - along with a wide range of traditional proximity and smart cards

A comprehensive system for secure mobile credentials

The complete BlueDiamond Mobile offering includes the BlueDiamond Mobile smartphone app, BlueDiamond Mobile Bluetooth/RFID readers and BlueDiamond Mobile credentials, all tied together by the cloud server. These components tightly integrate with Lenel's industry-leading OnGuard security management system, allowing one-click issurance and management of mobile credentials.

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