• Blue Diamond Protocol

Blue Diamond Protocol

The Continued Evolution of Lenel BlueDiamond Readers brings support for Supervised F/2F protocol and OSDP File Transfer

We are pleased to announce that the Lenel® BlueDiamond™ readers are now enabled with the ability to output a Supervised F/2F protocol. This provides our legacy FC Wnx and PicturePerfect customers with a future-proof option allowing them to increase security along their migration path to OnGuard®.


This exciting new enhancement to BlueDiamond readers provides an additional option for both placement in new construction and replacement of older card readers in existing buildings, while saving cable replacement costs and allowing a planned migration to new access control technology. Users can replace lower-security proximity cards with more secure options, ranging from the BlueDiamond mobile credentials using iOS®, Apple Watch® and Android™ devices, to MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 card technology.

?How to access these features

To simplify rollout of these BlueDiamond reader enhancements, no new part numbers will be introduced; this new functionality will simply be available in all Lenel Multi-Technology BlueDiamond readers, which include support for Wiegand, OSDP™, and OSDP™ Secure Channel purchased after this date. A configuration card (BDC-OUTPUT or BDC-TREADER) will be required to set the reader to the desired output protocol, F/2F 2-state, F/2F 4-state or 12 Digit output (T-Reader Configuration).

Also new, the SIA (Security Industry Association) OSDP™ communications can now be leveraged on BlueDiamond readers to make firmware updates and configuration changes to the reader. Updates are completed via a "Software Push" from the controller to the reader, saving time and labor for our customers. OnGuard v7.5 documentation (to be released in January 2019) can be referenced for more technical detail about the operation of this feature. This capability will eliminate the need for a technician to make a trip to the physical reader to perform software updates, and will allow configuration changes (e.g., LED, output types), firmware updates, and loading of keys to all be pushed down to the reader via a file upload initiated on the controller's web page. 

For more information, please contact your local sales representative.