IP LAN Adaptor

Product Code: TS0098

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Save time and money installing Challenger with the new TS0098 Challenger IP LAN Adaptor. TS0098 modules allow Challenger RS-485 LAN data to be carried over an IP network. This provides an IP connection between a Challenger panel and its LAN devices such as Remote Arming Stations (RAS) and Data Gathering Panels (including Intelligent Access Controllers) reducing the need for dedicated wiring of expensive two-pair twisted, shielded data cable (Belden 8723).

The TS0098 also enables physically separate segments of the Challenger RS-485 LAN to be linked together over IP network, either to extend distance or inexpensively utilise existing IT infrastructure.

  • IP communication for Challenger LAN
  • 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) secure encrypted communications
  • Connect Challenger LAN devices RAS, DGP, Door/Lift Controllers over IP network infrastructure
  • Link Challenger RS-485 LAN segments together over IP infrastructure
  • Up to 31 ELM modules on a single Challenger LAN for up to 15 DGPs and 16 RASs
  • Built-in Web server allows convenient device configuration and diagnostics from standard internet browser

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