LAN isolation interface

Product Code: TS0893

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The Challenger system utilises a special derivative of RS485 for LAN communication. On occasions there may be a need to electrically isolate signals between two points, achieve distances to remote devices exceeding 1.5km. provide self-monitoring loops and higher noise immunity with intrinsic prevention against cable breaks.

This device is used to electrically isolate the Challenger communication LAN where voltage differentials may exist, isolating the two sides of the LAN by 1500 Volts. Typically, this device would be used to isolate devices in two buildings.

  • More traceable connection of power to devices along the Challenger LAN 
  • Electrically isolate either side of the LAN to prevent problems caused by voltage differentiation 
  • Extend the Challenger LAN beyond 1.5 kms. 
  • Increase the distance of a serial PC connection to the panel up to 1.5 kms. 
  • Extend the Challenger LAN across a leased line or PSTN network. 
  • Extend the Challenger LAN across an optical fibre network. 
  • Provide redundancy cable path in case of a cable breakage along the LAN or deliberate cut 
  • Generate an alarm if cable breaks

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