Intelligent Four-Lift Controller, firmware

Product Code: TS0869S

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Firmware for the TS0869 Four-Lift Controller

About the Four-Lift Controller

The Intelligent Four-Lift Controller extends the Challenger system's capability to provide state-of-the-art lift access control functionality.

Each Intelligent Four-Lift Controller (TS0869) provides intelligent access control for up to 4 lift cars and 64 floors. The TS0869 communicates with lifts either via relays or via high-level interface to most commercially available lift manufacturers by utilising a TS0868 lift protocol interface board1.

The TS0869 supports high-level lift protocol to EPL/Kone and Otis lifts. It also supports new destination control lift systems (Floor selection from outside lift car) for Kone lifts via connection to an Interlogix destination control interface unit. Floor control operations like badging a card or entering a PIN or a combination of both, can be programmed to function only during specified times of the day.

  • 4 lifts and up to 64 floors
  • High level interface to EPL/Kone and Otis lifts
  • Supports high level interface to destination control lift systems from Kone and Otis
  • Supports card formats of up to 48 bits
  • Onboard database for offline condition
  • Up to 12 Intelligent Lift Controllers can add 48 lifts to a Challenger panel
  • 16 alarm inputs, expandable to 255 for floor monitoring by connecting TS0820 DGPs
  • Local RS-485 bus for up to four readers per lift
  • Supports wide range of third-party readers