The Tecom range of products integrate alarm and access control functionality with building management systems.

Over the past 30 years, the Tecom portfolio has continued to evolve with the changing landscape of the security industry in Australia and New Zealand. Utilising methods to continuously gather customer feedback, the Interlogix team are relentless in their desire to provide a total intrusion and access control security solution for customers across the region.

A Tecom Challenger system provides both an intrusion and access control solution, designed with the Australian market in mind.

As a non-proprietary system and thousands of trained installers across Australia and New Zealand, a Tecom solution can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Control movement throughout your building or site to ensure your property and people are kept safe at all times. Make your security solution work for you by adapting your own business needs to your security system. Limiting access to high security areas is simple via Tecom's management software and track user access throughout their journey. With a number of hardware and software options, Tecom delivers a solution can adapt as your business needs change.

Market Strengths

The Tecom range of products integrate alarm and access control functionality with building management systems.

The strength of this versatile and intelligent system is its high level of expandability; a feature rarely matched by other alarm and access control systems. Based on a modular design principle, the Tecom Challenger can deal with small to large multi-site operations. Expansion is a simple process with this design and is further enhanced by the backward compatibility of components, offering integration and expansion on every level of operation.

The requirements of reporting to remote monitoring stations are often overlooked by other security systems. The Tecom Challenger portfolio recognises the importance of reporting in a range of methods and formats. With a reporting format of Contact ID, reporting methods such as dialler, STU, IP and 3G/4G.

The Challenger panel has the capability to communicate via 10 paths simultaneously meaning that your Challenger panel can report to multiple monitoring stations, and multiple software packages, including the Tecom mobile phone app.

Our Portfolio

TecomC4 provides a way for end users and site operators to manage single or multiple site facility and security systems from one interface.

Operators are able to monitor and control safety and security of staff, manage visitors, and ensure the security of physical assets across multiple sites and remote locations via a single interface.

Seamless integration enables verification of events through video streams and the ability to link intrusion events with access control to safeguard the safety and security of your people. TecomC4 software supports Challenger10 series control panels as well as a number of third party alarm and access control systems. Combined with video integration, it can provide alarm management enabling you to quickly and efficiently resolve any alarm.

The power of integration

At the core of TecomC4 lies a powerful integration capability. Allowing you to integrate access control systems, electronic security devices, building automation, or camera systems from various manufacturers, gives your customers and partners more choice, and offers a solutionnot matched by many rivals.

 Interlogix continues to drive development into the TecomC4 management solution, with new drivers to 3rd party devices released on a regular basis.

The Challenger panel is the heart of the system, and comprises a modular ‘Add as you go’ design. By adding intelligent door/lift controllers, input/output expanders, memory expanders and LAN devices, you can cost effectively add capacity and functionality as required. Multiple panels can be linked together in one system via management software.


Challenger’s modular design provides for a wide range of applications, depending on the number of ‘building blocks’ you need to add. Start with just a few access doors and alarm inputs or expand to control thousands of doors, inputs and users. Challenger can connect directly to a serial printer without the need for a printer module, dedicated computer or network.


Users can operate the Challenger system via cards or keypads. More advanced control and system configuration can be done via LCD keypads, whilst ‘power users’ and system programmers may opt for using Interlogix’s management software applications.


Challenger provides a scalable solution, from a single site, to a multinational deployment. By simply adding a range of intelligent door or lift controllers, input/output expanders, memory expanders or LAN devices, your Challenger system will accommodate your ever-expanding needs.

Proven reliability

Challenger is installed in some of the leading universities, banks and retail outlets across Australia and New Zealand. As a business, Interlogix is committed to continuous improvement and operate an extensive program to identify innovations and technologies to enable us to relentlessly improve the quality of our products.

Manage lift banks with no additional controller hardware in residential apartment buildings and small commercial spaces

The Tecom Intrusion & Access Control solution has never been more affordable for the small commercial orresidential premises.

With no additional hardware and less programming required, installing a Tecom solution into theseapplications offers a lower installation cost, while giving you seamless access to your system.

Perfect for apartment buildings and commercial buildings with a maximum of 10 floors and 2 lift banks, Tecom continues to innovate to provide cost effective solution for all premises.

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