Touch Screen RAS

Product Code: TS1001

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The Touch Screen Remote Arming Station (RAS) builds on the continued success of the Tecom portfolio for Challenger control panels. The Touch Screen RAS brings simplicity and style to the Challenger security system with an easy-to-use touch screen keypad. With a sleek, aluminium surround, the Touch Screen RAS brings a unique, modern look to your existing or new Challenger installation.

The intuitive menu makes it easy to program and control your Challenger system, whilst classic mode allows long-term users and installers the ability to program their system just as they do now. With no need to re-train users, the Touch Screen RAS is an easy choice for controlling and programming your Challenger system.

  • Fully compatible with the full range of Challenger products
  • Classic mode option to match legacy RAS key sequences
  • Eight area LEDs can be mapped to any areas in a Challenger10 system (in a Challenger V8 system, the eight area LEDs can indicate the states of areas 1 to 8 or areas 9 to 16)
  • USB port for firmware upgrades
  • Brushed aluminium finish
  • Flush and surface mount options
  • Scramble keypad option for high security applications
  • Easy-to-read history and status messages
  • QWERTY key display for easy text entry

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