TruVision IP Keypad, 7" LCD touch screen

Product Code: TVK-800

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Efficiently control the monitor outputs of multiple recorders and decoders with the TruVision IP Keypad (TVK-800). An IP keypad designed to be used with the line of TruVision NVRs and DVRs.

Providing a breadth of functionality, the keypad can be controlled using the touch screen display, fully functional buttons, embedded touch pen, or 4-axis joystick.

The touch screen display enables you to view live or recorded camera footage, configure recorder settings or manage different views.

The joystick allows you to smoothly control PTZ movement and navigate between menus. Relieving the requirement for a separate power supply, the TVK-800 keypad works on a 12V DC as well as PoE-af.

  • Control a variety of NVRs, DVRs and decoders with one keypad 
  • Perform PTZ control
  • Display IP cameras on embedded display
  • Control recorder OSD
  • Control monitor outputs of recorders
  • Setting and calling presets and shadow tours
  • 7-inch touch screen display
  • 4-axis joystick
  • Numeric and functional buttons
  • PoE-af support
  • Embedded touch pen