In the world of IoT, reliability makes the difference

Secure connectivity in no time, providing communication at any given time

UltraSync provides a secure way to communicate with your security system.
It assures that information is available at all times, in real time and secured from the cloud.

Securely connected in no time

UltraSync connects everything that is happening between the installer, central monitoring station, push and mail services management, and providers, as well as alarm handling and prevention.

10 good reasons to choose UltraSync

Lets you to easily and quickly install your security solution. UltraSync™ lets you easily and quickly establish connections for intelligent edge devices so that the connections are pre-configured before the technician arrives on site. Plug & Play experience without the need for an in-depth knowledge of IP technology.

Ensures a Secure Connection. Secured encrypted connectivity with reported quality of service.

Supported by various Interlogix connected platforms and solutions. One UltraSync™ Empowered solution, multiple compatible security platforms: ZeroWire, Reliance and Tecom (coming soon).

Enables a near real time data communication. High speed data transfer from one point in a network thanks to a high performing low-latency network.

Supported by a wide range of Central Monitoring Stations (CMS). Major CMSs throughout Australia are embracing UltraSync™ in their offerings.

Complies with data privacy requirements, such as GDPR. With UltraSync™, data remains in the local device and no sensitive data is stored in the cloud environment. This keeps the customer in control of their data

Managed through a powerful and intuitive web portal. This UltraSync™ web portal provides you with a user-friendly interface for provisioning, managing, and monitoring UltraSync™ supported devices and enabling services.

Provides remote connectivity and diagnostics. UltraSync™ offers security dealers and integrators the option to connect directly to the panels without the need to change customer router settings, firewall rules, or to use Domain Name Service (DNS) to access the systems remotely.

Provides you and your customers with a wide range of communication options and services: IP, cellular, etc. UltraSync™ is available in the different Service Grades, depending on the connectivity with UltraSync™; Ethernet cable, cellular connection or dual path connectivity with cellular.

Ensures that your customers can benefit from a flexible and professional service, offering them Peace of Mind.

UltraSync is supported by the following connected platforms


Wireless security and interactive home automation system

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Tecom Challenger

Commercial intrusion and access control security solution

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The following monitoring centres are UltraSync connected and ready for you to securely monitor your security solution. Contact one of the UltraSync control rooms today.

Back2Base Monitoring Oceania 1300 137 079
Combined Monitoring Balcatta, WA 08 9440 4999
Rechenberg Monitoring Brisbane 1300 852 138
Secom Guardall NZ New Zealand 09 970 5330
SMC Monitoring Australia wide 1300 791 355
Sure Communciation New Zealand +64 9 443 8003