Wireless DGP Inovonics, Ecostream

Product Code: TS0825E

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The TS0825E Wireless Data Gathering Panel (WDGP) is used to provide cable-free installation of devices to your Challenger system such as PIRs, smoke detectors, and glass break detectors while supporting single and multi-button pendants and remotes.

The TS0825E helps eliminate problems such as wiring security devices to Challenger through concrete walls or floors, securing heritage buildings (no drilling allowed) or wiring to detached structures such as sheds or garages. (Eliminate cost of trench digging).

  • Expand the Challenger by up to 16 or 32 inputs
  • 1.5km from the Challenger panel
  • Works with Inovonics repeaters to extend wireless range
  • 1,024 duress inputs
  • Transmitter ID is registered into a database held in the TS0825E WDGP
  • Rear and front tamper protection